We are a small cattery based in Louisville, Kentucky. We are involved in showing our breeding cats to confirm that we are breeding individuals that are great examples of the breed. Our cattery name, Aali (pronounced ahh-lee), is Arabic for supreme or exalted- and that's the type of Sphynx we are working to produce.

We are working dilligently to create a great breeding program. Our lines are from Bemisu- our future sire, Ormsby, and Paradais Sphynx, our future queen, Blanche. Both lines have been screened for good health and bred for correct type and structure according to the TICA breed standard. We are strict believers of screening all of our cats, especially our breeding cats, for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) yearly. We also own two altered Sphynx males, Purvis and Felton. We fell so deeply in love with them to start that we couldn't help but try and improve the breed by getting involved!

Our breeding cats have yet to be old enough to produce their first litter, so please keep checking back for updates.

Updated 02/25/2014