Butterflies Yunona of Aali

We are a small cattery based in Louisville, Kentucky. Our cattery name, Aali (pronounced Ahh-lee), is Arabic for supreme or exalted- and that's the type of Sphynx we are working to produce. We became involved in creating our own small breeding program due to our first sphynx, Purvis, being diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy as a kitten and passing away at a very early age. He was very special to us and inspired us to try and eradicate this terrible disease that affects the breed so often. Our babies are healthy and of great quality. They are raised to be lifelong cuddle buddies. 

We are involved in showing our cats in TICA to confirm that we are breeding individuals that are also great examples of the breed by the breed standard. Our main focus, however, is to produce healthy and well-socialized Sphynx that will easily fit into most home environments and make great family pets. Our cats have free reign of our home and are extremely well adjusted as they also live with three rambunctious dogs and two parrots besides their Sphynx buddies. They are used to a very busy household!

We scan all of our breeding cats yearly for HCM and all of our kittens come with a genetic health guarantee. Our kittens are altered before they are placed as we are not in the habit of selling intact cats for breeding.

Updated 12/8/2014